About this blog

Maybe you are as me and bookmark interesting articles / papers you come across. You make notes on these sticky notepads on your desk. Maybe you even have a small notebook and write your ideas down, whenever a new idea crosses your mind.
Over the years the list of my bookmarks grew larger, my desk is covered with lots of notepads and I got a few notebooks lying around.
They cover mechanical engineering, (C++) programming, or biochemistry, to name a few.

– So what?

I decided to dedicate this blog to the various things I came across and include all the little pieces so they don’t get lost.

– Is it worth reading?

Maybe. That is up to you to decide. If you find some useful information in here, great!
But it might as well be what I named it.

About me

I’m Fabian, hi!
I took my masters degree in mechanical engineering and now work as a software developer.